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Accessible online individual and relationshship therapy

With Therapy in your Pocket you always have access to your therapy appointment, from any venue you choose.

No longer do you need to worry about driving through busy traffic, worrying about getting to your appointment on time. With Therapy in your Pocket you can relax knowing you can access your therapy from the comfort of your preferred place to be.

How does it work?

You choose if want to book one off, ad hoc appointments or a block booking. Either way, you have the peace of mind of knowing you have regular access to counselling and psychotherapy when you need it.


I offer Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy and Relationship Counselling.

I have a passion for helping people achieve their full potential.

Sometimes we get stuck in old behaviours and thinking patterns, this can leave us feeling stagnant and unable to manage some areas in our lives.

Therapy gives you the time and space to acknowledge this and find ways of changing your relationship with yourself and others.

I am a professional experienced therapist with over 25 years of experience of working with people

I have worked for various organisations as a therapist, and developed my private practice over 19 years ago. I have provided confidential, professional counselling and therapy to individuals, couples and various organisations.

I am a therapist who will converse with you, rather than only repeating back to you what you have said.

I believe our relationship is important. You know your ‘inside story’ and you choose what you share with me.

I use more of a psycho educational approach.

I feel humour and laughter is important in the therapeutic relationship.

About me

I have worked with many individuals, couples and small groups both in my private practise and various organisations, for over 25 years.

These include forensic settings, immigration centres, probation, charities,  my own private practice and also as part of a mental health team in the community.



Certificate in Person Centred Counselling – Nottingham University.

Advanced Certificate in Person Centred Counselling- Nottingham University.

Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis Counselling- The Berne Institute.

4 years Advanced Training in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy – The Berne Institute.

British Sign Language Stage 1

I am a registered member of

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP)

I abide by the code of ethics as set out by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I am very clear about maintaining professional boundaries and client confidentiality.

Individual therapy

Sometimes we lose sight of where we are going in life. We no longer notice blue skies or beauty around us. It is then that we may need some space and time to help us refocus on what life can be for us. This is when counselling and therapy can help.

If you are looking for an experienced, qualified counsellor and therapist who can offer you a safe environment, time to explore and find new ways to manage past or present difficulties, then I may be of help to you.

What can I help with?

My experience includes working with a variety of people whose situations included managing and dealing with:

Terminal Diagnosis


Sexual Abuse

Fear of loss

Scare/ anxiety

Confidence and low self esteem

Relationship difficulties

Anger management

Over thinking

How do I know if counselling is for me?

You might get confused or muddled occasionally and need some ‘outside of you’ support to deal with the confusion. This is when counselling and therapy can help you to refocus, clear up the confusion and create a better way of living.

How can I help?

I am passionate to help people to discover their own ‘inner therapist’ . I believe that YOU are the expert on YOU. The main approach I use in counselling is Transactional Analysis. I find this to be a great theoretical approach that gives people a clearer understanding themselves and others.

I’m a therapist who encourages people to believe in themselves and develop their own ‘inner therapist’ that enables them to live the life they choose.

Relationship Therapy

If you are looking for space where you and your partner can sit down and work out what needs to change in your relationship, then Relationshship therapy be for you.

Some people find themselves in relationships that don’t work, but through fear of change or fear of failing, they decide to remain unhappy together. For some the fear of being alone is so scary that tension and fighting within a relationship is what keeps them unhappy but safe with the familiar disharmony.

Transitions are often perceived as uncomfortable, challenging and have the potential for a worse outcome.

Transitions are also opportunities for freedom, acceptance and the potential for a better outcome.

Do you find yourself stuck in a relationship that feels stale?

Do you want to invest in making your relationship feel secure and fresh again?

Do you wonder how life would be on your own and yet fear loneliness?

Do you feel the need to ‘soldier on’ so people don’t notice the struggle?

Do you know what you want to change but fear stops you?

Are you feeling that separation might be the best option and you want to work towards an amicable ending?



Writing Therapy

I have always been interested in and enjoyed writing poetry and short stories. I find the medium of expressing myself on paper, both therapeutic and rewarding.

Many of my clients have told me of similar experiences with writing as a therapeutic activity, and I have always encouraged those who find it helpful to express themselves this way.

Some have sent me pieces for me to read – perhaps because it was easier than saying it aloud, or they wanted to summarise a lot of difficult experiences in one place, or they were trying to find a way of telling someone what they really thought or felt and writing it down first helped. Indeed, there are probably as many reasons for writing as there are writers. And, of course, some have written their thoughts and feelings without sharing it, and it still helped them.

Perhaps the most important advantage of writing (and writing therapy) is that it’s a way of having a dialogue with ourselves (and anyone we chose to share it with) Our words (thoughts, beliefs, feelings) have stopped whizzing round our head and are now ‘out there’ for us to reflect on. 

If you choose to use the option of writing therapy with me, you can email your writing to me or send photographs of your handwritten pieces. Then you and I can reflect together. 

The same protocol regarding confidentiality applies.

Note: writing therapy isn’t about spelling or grammar. It’s about content – your expression of yourself.



£50 per 60 minutes

£25 per 30 minutes


£70 per 60 minutes

To book your first appointment call me now on

07447 674804

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